Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Large group of entire faculty and staff

Faculty News and Notes

Anna Leader, teacher of French and English, is a creative wunderkind. Not only has she won Luxembourg's national literary contest for young authors three times, but her literary translation work has garnered numerous prizes. Most recently, Luxembourg’s national theater commissioned Leader to write a play about the coronavirus pandemic. Her play, Deliver Us, debuted at the Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg in early October to a live, physically-distanced audience.

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The Pennington School has welcomed 16 new members to its faculty this year. They are Stephanie Allen, Danielle Bahr, Rachel Burke, William Burke, Stephanie Cohen, Alexandra Crivelli, Elizabeth Cummings, Eli Durmer, David Hallgren, Stacey Inzer, Chrissie Knight, Matthew Mysliwiec, Andrea Popel, Peter Puleo, Ryan Stokes, and Nathaniel Van Yperen. Emma Wells has joined the library staff.

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