Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Parents for Pennington Leadership

Dear Pennington families,

Our students are so fortunate to be enrolled in a school with an outstanding administration and exceptional teachers who strive to fulfill the School’s mission of ensuring that our children seek personal excellence and aspire to lives of dedication, perseverance, resilience, integrity, and service.

It is through your support of Parents for Pennington that we are able to contribute so much to our community. Your parent association dues allows us to support activities that strengthen and support all members of the Pennington School community including students, faculty and staff, and our amazing parents. 

Each parent is a member of our remarkable community and everyone is invited to be an active part of the parent association. PfP is led by an executive committee made up of nine parent volunteers who each serve for two years. The executive team leads committees that organize various events and activities throughout the year and parents are invited to volunteer and contribute however they choose. Whether serving on a committee or attending events that take place throughout the year, parents are an important part of life at The Pennington School. However you choose to become involved, your participation and financial contributions help make our community and the Pennington School campus a more vibrant and fulfilling place for everyone. 

Parents for Pennington Board 2023–24

  • President: Melinda Van Dillen P’27
  • Vice President - Executive: Karin Sanderson P’25
  • Vice President - Programming: Jessica Vincent P’26
  • Financial Liaison: Stacey Latronica ’93 P’22 ’29
  • Recording Secretary: Kate Klukowski P’25 ’30
  • Communications: Ulanda Frisbee P’25
  • Upper School Representative: Joy Hall P’25 ’30
  • Middle School Representative: Shannon Kimmel P’25 ’29
  • Boarding Life Representative: Tracey Loh P’26 ’27
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