Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Parents for Pennington Leadership

Dear Pennington families,

Our students are so fortunate to be enrolled in a school with an outstanding administration and exceptional teachers who strive to fulfill the School’s mission of ensuring that our children seek personal excellence and aspire to lives of dedication, perseverance, resilience, integrity, and service.

It is through your support of Parents for Pennington that we are able to contribute so much to our community. Over $100,000 of your parent association funds from last year provided support for educational programs, purchased a range of items for the School, and contributed financial support for student trips. Thank you all for the time you devote to volunteer service, and for the financial contributions you make to support Pennington.

We want every parent to feel that they are part of the Pennington community and we invite you to join us at our events throughout the year. In addition to joining us at events, we hope that you will want to participate as a committee chair, committee member, or general volunteer. Whatever level of participation you choose, your time and involvement will be greatly appreciated.

Parents for Pennington Board 2022–23

President: Vandana Bhanote P’23 ’26
Vice President - Executive: Melinda Van Dillen P’27
Vice President - Programming: Lisa Hardt P’24 ’27
Financial Liaison: Stacy Latronica ’93 P’22 ’29
Recording Secretary: Karin Sanderson P’25
Communications: Jessica Vincent P’26
Upper School Representative: Julian Kim P’23
Middle School Representative: Katherine Birkenstock P’25 ’26 '29
Boarding Representative: Chandra “Binky” Sanders P’25 

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