Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


Activities and Clubs


The Pennington School offers a wide selection of extracurricular activities and organizations that cater to a huge variety of interests among the student body. If your interest is not somewhere in this list, you can create your own club. This list is constantly changing! Clubs with an asterisk will meet in the spring semester only.

Aerospace and Aviation Club

American Sign Language Club

Amnesty International Student Club

Animal Rights Club

Art Club

Better Kitchen Sink

Biology Club

Black Student Union*

Book Club

Campus Guides

Campus Ministry Club

Chess Club


Community Service

Computer Science Competition Club

Dance Club

Debate Team

Dramatic Society

East Asian Student Union

Exchange of Many Cultures

Eye to Eye*

Fall Play

Fashion Club

French Club

German Club

Girls in STEM

Green Team*

Hall Prefects*

History Club

Interior Design Club

International Studies Student Alliance

Intersectional Feminism Club*

Investment Club

Jazz Band

Junior Proctors

Latin Club

Latinx Affinity Group

Learning Difference Alliance

Library Proctors

Math Competition Club

Model United Nations

Music Technology Club

Muslim Student Alliance*

Odyssey of the Mind (Middle School)

Open Studio: Visual Art**


Our Minds Matter

Peer Leaders

Peer Tutoring Club

Pennington Jewish Community

Pennington Singers

The Penntonian (newspaper)

Pennyroyal (literary magazine)*

Penseman (yearbook)

Philosophy Club

Pit Band

Poetry and Creative Club

Politics Club*

Power Hour

Private Instrumental/Voice lessons


Red Cross Club

Science Competition Club

School Planning in Malawi

Ski Club*

SoundProof (a cappella)

South Asian Student Society

Spanish Club

Spectrum (LGBTQ+/ally group)*

Sports Statistics Club

Spring Play (Upper and Middle School plays)

STEM Leaders

STEM Tutoring

Student Ambassadors

Student Government

Tech Crew

Technology Club

Treble Tones

Ultimate Frisbee*

United People of Many Colors*

Untold Gallery (Malawi)

Winter Musical


** denotes activities that take place after school