Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Diversity and Inclusion


Large group of students walking on campus

The Pennington School is committed to diversity in its curriculum, faculty, staff, and student body.

Social justice is an ongoing discussion in Chapel, in classrooms, and in the hallways. We differ in race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical and learning differences, religion, and socioeconomic class.

But we share common values, goals, history, and relationships.

The purpose of the Diversity Office is to enrich our School through increased knowledge of, respect for, and cooperation among different cultures and a valuing of diverse perspectives within our community, by addressing issues of prejudice about race and ethnicity, gender, age, physical and learning differences, sexual orientation, religion, and class. We provide leadership and a safe space to discuss diversity in all its forms at The Pennington School. The overall goal is to help students, staff, faculty, and administrators transcend differences while recognizing common values, goals, history, and relationships.

Affinity Groups/Activities

Eye to Eye

Eye to Eye is a national organization of mentoring programs for students with learning disabilities and their families. At Pennington, student volunteers in the Cervone Center for Learning are paired with students at nearby Cambridge School so that the younger elementary school students have mentors and role models for the next stage of their academic careers.

Exchange of Many Cultures

EMC (Exchange of Many Cultures) is a cultural club that works toward educating the Pennington community about different customs, holidays, and food.

Special events celebrated include:

    • Mid-Autumn Festival Chapel Service and Mooncake Reception
    • Dong Ji Festival (Winter Harvest Festival)
    • Lunar New Year Celebration
    • Diwali Celebration (Festival of Lights)
    • Nightmarket, Movie Night!

Gay-Straight Alliance

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance): The purpose of this group is to affirm the sacred worth of all individuals. Through education, we seek to create an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance that will combat the injustices of discrimination. (Mission Statement)

Special events include:

    • Ally Week!
    • Movie Night
    • OUTspoken!
    • Day of Silence

Pennington Jewish Community

PJC (Pennington Jewish Community): The mission of the PJC is to increase awareness of the Jewish faith and its culture through discussions, holiday celebrations, and relevant events. Highlights have included the Upper School Chanukah party, the Passover Chapel, and a powerful visit from a Holocaust survivor. All are welcome to attend PJC meetings and events.

United People of Many Colors

UPMC (United People of Many Colors): The United People of Many Colors exists for the purpose of diversity, not only within the School but within our community and our world. Our goal is to create a united people from all backgrounds by educating and enlightening our community about ourselves. (Mission Statement)

Special events include:

    • Silence for Salvation—A day of silence dedicated to victims of genocide
    • UPMC Chapel

Diversity Week and Community Day

Diversity Week and Community Day: A Pennington tradition each spring, including an afternoon of workshops and a fabulous cultural food fair!