Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Neha K. - Class of 2021

Neha K. '21 hosted a free medical camp on December 23, 2018, in Buchi Reddy Palem, India with the help of four doctors, six nurses/lab technicians and seven medical representatives, along with many other volunteers. She helped treat over 300 patients from five remote villages in southern India, providing free medical treatment, medicine, prescriptions for pharmacies, and packaged meals. As part of an extended free medical camp initiative, she also visited a blind children’s school and the pediatric oncology department in a major hospital.

During the camp, she shadowed four doctors who specialized in general medicine, pain management, ENT, dermatology, and psychiatry, and she learned how to check for blood pressure and diabetes. The nurses wrote down the symptoms and ailments the patients presented, and Neha took them to the appropriate doctor who could then treat the patients. Almost 81% of the patients were diagnosed with high blood pressure and/or diabetes. The most common symptoms among all patients were shoulder, spine, and/or knee pain.

Neha's last visit as part of medical camp was to the pediatric oncology department at MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Care Center in Hyderabad, India. When her mother asked the director of oncology, Dr. Jaya Latha, about the one thing that could immediately make a difference for the children in the pediatric oncology wing, Dr. Latha asked for wheelchairs. Due to a lack of sufficient budget, the hospital is in great need of wheelchairs. Therefore, Neha used her Christmas, New Year's, and birthday money to buy seven kid-friendly wheelchairs to donate to this hospital.

Neha's family has been donating food/hygienic care products at the blind school in Nellore on her birthday ever since she was 3 years old. When she finally was old enough to visit the blind school over summer break in 2016, she was genuinely surprised and moved by the students’ positive attitude towards everything (from handling daily chores to studying to playing games). Neha said, "I realized that, blind or not, every child has his or her own dream, whether it’s to be a singer, writer, or actor, and each child deserves to have every opportunity to achieve it."

After planning and conducting the medical camp, Neha realized that there is a greater demand for proper medical and health care in remote villages, and she is currently building a website ( for a charity that she hopes will inspire more people to conduct health camps and raise money for good causes.