Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Severin I. - Class of 2020

Lviv Educational Foundation (LEF) is a volunteer project that, through joint work on the restoration of homes for families in crisis, brings Ukrainian youth into a network of active citizens. LEF runs a variety of educational outreach programs, but one of their most exciting programs is Building Ukraine Razom (BUR) which means "together." BUR is the Ukrainian version of Habitats For Humanity. Severin joined 50 other young volunteers from Ukraine, Italy, and the U.S. for one week in August 2018 to help rebuild three houses.

He traveled by overnight train from Kiev to Kharkiv, then on to a city called Merefa. Merefa is in Eastern Ukraine, close to the border with Russia. Since Ukraine is at war with Russia, there are many displaced people on the move, soldiers with injuries, destroyed communities, and poverty. The need for volunteers is particularly acute in eastern Ukraine.

In addition to building houses, Severin worked on refurbishing a bus and helped build a backyard fence for a soldier with no legs.