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Silva Gallery now featuring student work
Silva Gallery now featuring student work

Now on view in the Silva Gallery of Art is a student installation entitled, The Medium is the Message. Conceived, designed, and installed by seniors Thomas Scanlan and Colin Schostak, this exhibition is an experience for the visitor.

Inspired by Marshall McLuhan's book of the same title, Scanlan and Schostak applied McLuhan's theory to help guide them in creating a timeline of photographic mediums. According to Dolores Eaton, Director of the Silva Gallery, the students "poured their heart and soul into this installation" and have been working on it since last June.

"I have never given two students full control of the gallery, but in doing so, Tom and Colin have had an experience that not only fully exemplifies our student-centered learning goals, but has empowered them with a full belief in their abilities as artists, and as humans," she said.

Eaton noted that she did not facilitate or contribute to their process in any way, and the students sought out their instructors and fellow students to help develop ideas. They found every TV and projection device, and recorded, printed, framed, hung, and installed everything themselves.

A reception for the artists was held on Friday, February 3, with a performance by the student led ensemble, Furniture.

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