Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Applied Science speaker explains the circular economy
Applied Science speaker explains the circular economy

Andy Rose, from TerraCycle, came to The Pennington School to speak to the Applied Science students on Friday, September 20.  Rose is a sustainability enthusiast and futurist interested in initiatives related to the circular economy.  He has an engineering background and has worked in software development, food supply chains and currently works at TerraCycle on the Loop Initiative. 

In his presentation, Rose explained that the circular economy model focuses on how society can reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle. There are three foundational elements that can help build a circular economy: new system designs, regenerative components, and innovative business models. For example, Rose works on the Loop Initiative. With this initiative, companies build more expensive, but durable products so it has more than a one-time use. Instead of a customer owning the product's material, like a shampoo bottle, the company would own it. The users would send back the product once they are finished with it so the company can reuse the packaging. 

With these sort of models, there would be less waste, and we could have a sustainable path for the future.