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Inventor Kenneth Simons visits Pennington
Inventor Kenneth Simons visits Pennington

On Friday, October 5, Kenneth Simons was a guest lecturer as part of the Applied Science speaker program. Simons is a graduate of Tulane and St. John's University. He also served as a captain in the US Army. Currently a division president for the largest publicly owned home building company in the United States, Simons is a high-level executive/entrepreneur whose career focus is in team building, community building, and construction industries. Simons is also an inventor and entrepreneur.

Simons developed the VeloChair after he was diagnosed with Ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL) in his early 50s. A lifelong runner and downhill skier, he could no longer bear weight on his legs for an extended period of time. He found that most current mobility devices did not promote user activity, which prompted him to create the VeloChair and restore his sense of independence.

Kenneth Simons is a social entrepreneur who is inventing in order to make lives better and we were honored to have him speak at The Pennington School.