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Pennington junior shares exciting updates in her volunteer work
Pennington junior shares exciting updates in her volunteer work

An-lin Sloan ’21 gave a presentation on Friday, February 21, about new developments in her work on behalf of the orphanage in Dapu, China, from which she was adopted at a year old. Her talk was part of the Global Studies Speaker Series.

Sloan had visited the orphanage in 2014, when she was struck by the absence of many modern necessities and childhood basics there. The $62,000 that she raised by 2017 as her bat mitzvah project made possible two years of dedicated aid for the Dapu orphanage through the foundation OneSky. The progress made at Dapu during those years attracted the attention of the Chinese government, which has now agreed to take over the funding—an exciting development.

The funds Sloan raised supported additional professional staff, air-conditioning, and garden, craft, and food preparation projects. With more supplies and staff, the children could now learn to read and write, play musical instruments, and take day trips away from the orphanage. There is also financial support for two foster families, so that the children can experience family life and thus become more adoptable. As Sloan says, “The ultimate goal is for kids to be adopted.”

In 2018 Sloan received one of the New Jersey State Governor’s Jefferson Awards for Public Service, which celebrate volunteerism. Her award was one of ten in the Ambassador category, which “recognizes individuals whose exemplary volunteer service beyond the borders of New Jersey have made the world a better place for some while reflecting favorably on the people of the Garden State.”