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Pennington Lacrosse raises money for HEADstrong Foundation
Pennington Lacrosse raises money for HEADstrong Foundation

Thirty-six members of the Pennington School girls’ and boys’ lacrosse teams, plus five coaches, participated in a virtual 5K run on Monday, April 27, to raise money for the HEADstrong Foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people with cancer. The combined team raised $1,428 and came in 19th among the participating teams.

After online meetings with the participating players to discuss logistics, Pennington coaches Wendy Morris and Jason Carter sent the runners off on their individual 5K (3.1 mile) runs. Some students ran on treadmills, Morris said, but most took outdoor runs, varying from country roads to town and city streets. Some local students ran on the Hopewell Lawrence Trails. All of the runners recorded their mileage with an app on their phones or other tracking device.

It was an opportunity for these lacrosse teams, whose seasons were canceled this year, to end the spring on a positive note. This particular HEADstrong campaign had more than 2,700 participants nationwide, uniting 191 high school and college lacrosse teams in a common cause