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Pennington students earn awards on National Latin Exam
Pennington students earn awards on National Latin Exam

Twenty-two students at The Pennington School have earned awards on the 2022 National Latin Exam. This year the annual exam was administered to over 100,000 students from the United States and twenty-one other countries. The exam tests students on Latin grammar, Roman history, Roman mythology, and Roman culture, including the reading of a passage in Latin for comprehension. 

Two students received Gold Summa Cum Laude Awards: twelfth-grader Eddie Kennedy, an AP Latin student,  and ninth-grader Caleb Collins, a Latin I student. Eleven students earned the Silver Maxima Cum Laude Award, including eighth-graders Daniel Tracy, Ciaran Walsh and Minnie Wu; ninth-graders Dhruv Ramaswamy, Nico Wang,  and Aimee Zou; tenth-graders Garrett Hardt, Jai Raman, and Ulrica Peng; and eleventh-graders BB Kim and Elena Nechay. The Magna Cum Laude Award was earned by ninth-graders Layten Hoffman, Deethya Karthikvatsan, and Benjamin Pearlberg, as well as tenth-grader William Arthur and eleventh-grader Aurora Hu. Four students received Cum Laude Awards: ninth-grader Ben Gibson, tenth-graders Emily Howe and Samantha Lambdin, and twelfth-grader David Cahn.

The students are currently in Latin classes ranging from Latin I to AP Latin. Congratulations to all of the award recipients and Teachers of Latin Wendy Morris and Peter Secrest!