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Pennington's turf field gets upgraded
Pennington's turf field gets upgraded

After thousands of practices and nearly 800 games, the Pennington School's turf field has been extensively upgraded. The original turf field, named for recently retired longtime faculty member Tom Liwosz, was purchased second-hand in 2009 from the New York Jets training facility. Ever since, the field has been an essential resource for Pennington's athletics program and home to some of our School's most honored annual traditions and community celebrations. It is a place where our students, families, alumni, and friends joyfully come together and share their Pennington pride.

Several donors generously provided over $650,000 for this project to help make it a reality. "It was another wonderful showing of our community's generosity," said Dean of Students and Assistant Head of School for Community Life Chad Bridges '96. "We have such passionate Pennington parents—they are great champions of our athletics programs and the School, and so many stay involved even after their kids graduate. I am very grateful for the support shown by our committed donors. They made it happen!"

Construction on the full-field renovation started just after the end of the 2020–21 school year, when the old turf field was dismantled, roll by roll, by Keystone Sports Construction. Over the course of two weeks, the new turf, installed by AstroTurf, came to life. The new 3D-series field boasts a feature called RootZone®—a texturized layer of fibers for improved safety, playability, and durability. The new surface is further enforced by the Brock SP padding applied underneath, making it safer for our student-athletes.

The finishing touch was to create the prominently positioned Pennington "P" and to add the needed game lines to the field. Associate Director of Athletics Patrick Murphy '80 who oversaw the management of the project said, "This was a total upgrade, and the new surface is far more durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. All of that combined with the new, larger 'split P' logo in the center, it is a massive boost to School pride."