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Recognizing those who make a difference
Recognizing those who make a difference
On Thursday, November 1, Dr. Hawkey addressed the entire Pennington School community during a special assembly to recognize the contributions of staff, faculty members, and students who are working to make a difference in the lives of others. Everyone in the community can nominate someone for this recognition, and Dr. Hawkey plans to recognize several individuals at meetings throughout the school year.

Congratulations to all of those who were recognized today!

The Sodexo dining hall staff: Don Toner, John O'connell, Denise Lewis-King, Zachary Ryba, Tomas Ordonez, Holly Klausner, Tim Doyle, Jackie Cherry, Dolores Wade-Philips, Gilberto Tobar, James "Wesley" Smith, Elizabeth Secrest, Christpher Portillo, Jose Hernandez, Hugo Pineda Gomez, Kat Gibbs, Edward Espinal, Nicole Cipriani, Maurice Brown, Anthony Barrett

The Operations department: Steve Friedman, Pete Young, Ricardo Alaez, Arturo Rodas, Esperanza DeLeon, Zoila Valdez, Carmen Williamson, Marc Cevera, Jorge Yales, Luis Padin, Kirk Reichert, Ali Beizaeipour, Joe Carroll, Ed Gauss, Neal Blackwell, Rob Harris, Sharon Heiart, Bob Abbott, Bob Jones

Ed Gauss, Jamie Moore, Jessie Shaffer, Tracy Kuser, Jo Prockop, Debbie Fermo, Ms. Rossi, Lucy Ort, Stevie Sanderson Bowden, An-Lin Sloan, Aaron Orshan, Michael Mo, Rafer Friedman, Sydney Gibbard.