Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Sarah (Burton) Harris '00 presents to Applied Science students
Sarah (Burton) Harris '00 presents to Applied Science students

On Wednesday, April 28, Sarah (Burton) Harris ’00 delivered a talk, “Technical and Financial Acumen: A Delicate Balance,” to students in the Applied Science program. Harris spoke to the students about why every STEM professional should have a baseline understanding of the cost of goods and profit and loss statements. 

Harris is president and CEO of iNRCORE, a company that designs and manufactures magnetic components that transmit high-speed signals and power in a variety of demanding operating conditions. Harris impressed upon the aspiring engineers in the Applied Science program the importance of design for cost, i.e., choosing materials during the design process to maximize both profit and performance. 

“The most valuable engineers on my team understand these principles and take them into account in the design,” said Harris. “An employee who can demonstrate cost savings through manufacturing improvements or improved design concepts is more likely to be promoted and retained than those who don’t.” 

With over fifteen years of experience in operations and technical program management execution, Harris has a deep knowledge of lean manufacturing for highly technical production lines. She has passion for improving corporate performance in engineering and manufacturing environments, both in small companies and multinational corporations.