Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Sixth-graders reconnect with students in Kenya
Sixth-graders reconnect with students in Kenya

Sixth-grade Humanities students had another stimulating Skype call with students from the Kituiu Primary School in Kenya on May 8. This fall, students were introduced to one another during a Skype interview; students on both sides of the globe brought personal artifacts to help each other understand one another's cultures. Following the video conference, Pennington students began creating artwork with scenes from their lives that would express American cultural values to the Kenyan students. The Kituiu students also drew scenes of Kenya and their lives, including holidays, hobbies, and the mix of cultural backgrounds.

On May 8, the students met again on video conference to ask questions about the artwork, food, games, holidays, and gender roles in their respective cultures. Pennington students ended their part of the Skype call by singing Pharrell Williams's song "Happy," while showing off some of their favorite dance moves. It was then Kituiu Primary School's turn to sing a song. The group sang a song which translated to the phrases "goodbye" and "we will see you again." With large smiles on their faces, the students in both schools waved goodbye to their new friends.