Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Students video conference with school in Jordan

Pennington's sixth-grade Humanities classes are involved in a very exciting cultural exchange with counterparts in the Middle East, students at the Amir Hasan Prep Girls School in Jordan. On Tuesday, December 5, the sixth-graders had the first of two video conferences with these students across the world. Excitement filled the room as the children from different continents learned about one another by displaying artifacts of importance to them, and they laughed and applauded as they celebrated this moment of connectivity made possible by technology. The Pennington students learned how to say "goodbye" in Arabic, as well.

During the preceding week, with guidance from New Hope/Lambertville artist Andrea Wallace and artists Gabrielle Shamsey P'22 '24 and Tina Lambdin P'21 '24, students began creating artwork to send to their new friends abroad. The artwork is a way to develop mutual understanding of culture and cultural values and to begin a relationship that, it is hoped, will lead all the students toward responsible and sensitive global citizenship. In the coming months students will communicate via an internet platform, and, after receiving each other's artwork, they will have a second chance to talk live with one another.