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Winter athletic awards presented
Winter athletic awards presented
Varsity and junior varsity athletic awards for winter sports were presented during Community Meeting on Monday, March 12. The following students, listed by team, were recognized for their special contributions.

Ice Hockey: 100% Hustle Award, Charlie Kovalcik '18; Coaches' Award, Sidney Spender '18; Red Raider Award, Matthew Reilly '18

Girls' Winter Track: Most Improved Award, Mona Eicheler '20; Stoker Award, Zoe Michaelson '18; Red Raider Award, Emily Moini '19

Boys' Winter Track: Coaches' Award, Blake Botelho '18; Stoker Award, Matt Paragamian '18; Most Improved Award, Lewis Hurd '18

Boys' Basketball: Charles Schmutz Memorial Award, Mitch Phillips '18; 100% Hustle Award, David Iorio '18; Coaches' Award, Chauncey Sterling '18

Girls' Swimming: Greatest Female Contribution, Alyssa McDougall '18 and Francesca Iucolino '18; Red Raider Award, Alex Stevens '19

Boys' Swimming: Greatest Male Contribution, Koray Ercan '19; Coaches' Award, Martin Lederman '19; Red Raider Award, Jake McBride '19

Girls' Basketball: Red Raider Award, Ayanna Johnson '18; Red Raider Award, Carly Rice '18; Dean of Defense, Gianna Lucchesi '19

Girls' JV Basketball: Red Raider Award, Angela Gao '19; Coaches' Award, Taylor Li '20

Boys' JV Basketball: Coaches' Award, John Paul Jeanes '18; Red Raider Award, Ye Teng '19

Boys' JV II Basketball: Red Raider Award, Tarun Kumar '21; Red Raider Award, Ameer Hasan '20