Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



PJC hosts Chanukah party

On Wednesday, December 9, the newly formed organization Pennington Jewish Community held what may be the School's first-ever Chanukah party in the Silva Gallery of Art! The PJC invited the entire Upper School, plus faculty and staff, and about 100 people joined in the celebration of the holiday. There was festive music, traditional food, games of dreidel, and lighting of menoraha, called the Chanukkiah.

Latkes, apple sauce, and sour cream were provided by Dillon Schindler’s parents, along with foil-wrapped chocolate coins called “gelt” (“money” in Yiddish), and other candies. “Sufganyot,” or jelly donuts, were supplied by Sara Weinberg’s parents. Latkes are the more traditional Chanukah food for Ashkenazi or Eastern European Jews, and sufganyot is more traditional in Israel. Happy Chanukah!

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