Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Orchestra musicians perform for pre-schoolers

Members of the Pennington School Orchestra demonstrated their instruments for a local preschool class at the Pennington Presbyterian Nursery School during the month of May. They served as excellent ambassadors for both The Pennington School and classical music by bringing their talent and love of music to the community.

The students that performed were Siyi Li (flute), Zheng Bao (oboe), Jonathan Lai (clarinet), Scott Meggitt (trumpet), and William Chang (violin). In addition, Dr. Donald Dolan, Pennington’s orchestra director, demonstrated the Pennington Presbyterian Church’s pipe organ for the preschoolers. In addition to his responsibilities at the School, Dr. Dolan serves as the church’s organist on Sunday mornings.

The music teacher at the nursery school, Sarah Sensenig, invited the students introduce themselves and their instruments to the children. Ms. Sensenig, who is married to Dr. Dolan, is also a voice teacher at The Pennington School.

The preschool students were enthralled to meet and hear Pennington’s young musicians, not just because of their musical ability, but also because of the international community they represent. While Jonathan and Scott are domestic day students at Pennington, Zheng (“James”) and Siyi (“Angela”) are international boarding students from Nanjing and Shanghai, China, respectively. Will Chang hails from New Taipei City, Taiwan.

It is Dr. Dolan’s and Ms. Sensenig’s hope that this partnership between the Pennington Presbyterian Nursery School and The Pennington School will continue. Angela already has plans to teach a full lesson for the preschool for next year as she explores the option of majoring in music education in 2017.

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