Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Middle School awards presented

On Thursday, June 9, awards were presented to sixth- and seventh-graders for achievements in athletics, scholarship, and more. A list of the awards and their winners is below:

First in Scholarship
Grade 6: Ariana Colner
Grade 7: Trinity Pryor

Math Award
Grade 6: Sydney Shah, Ariana Colner
Grade 7: Trinity Pryor, Kira Cafferty

Science Award
Grade 6: Lucinda Harding, Kurt Edward Kennedy
Grade 7: Corinne Coakley

Humanities Award
Grade 6: Miami Celentana, Lucinda Harding, Daisy Hutnik

English Award
Grade 7: Danielle Bancroft

Social Studies Award
Grade 7: John Craig

Latin Award
Grade 6: Ariana Colner, Kurt Edward Kennedy
Grade 7: Trinity Pryor

Artorama Award

Grade 6: Miami Celentana
Grade 7: Isabella Rossi

Music Award
Grade 6: Miami Celentana
Grade 7: Sahil Navani

Citizenship Award
Grade 6: Jonathan Eaton
Grade 7: Robert Lambdin

Most Improved Award
Grade 6: Cormac Glanas, Julienn Harris
Grade 7: Joshua Song

Academic Perseverance Award
Grade 6: Daisy Hutnik
Grade 7: Bradley Sendak

Track and Field
Red Raider Award: Lucas Musto and Gavin Hart
Athlete of Steel Award: Julianna Alito

Middle School Stephen Crane Writing Contest Winners
Essay, First Prize: William Thompson
Essay, Second Prize: Christopher Long
Narrative, First Prize: Daisy Hutnik
Narrative, Second Prize: Merrick Liu
Poetry, First Prize: Lucinda Harding
Poetry, Second Prize: Kurt Edward Kennedy

Awards for Involvement in the Middle School Play
Performance: Elise Hawkey and Trinity Pryor
Red Raider Award: Eva Ondreyka
Leadership: Griffin Papa
Tech Crew: Raul Shah and Ben Eckerson
Costume Crew: Julienn Harris, Isabella Rossi, Huiyu Yang

Odyssey of the Mind Awards (two for each team)
Lucinda Harding and Joshua Song
Miami Celentana and John Craig

Yearbook Awards
Laura Mertz, Matthew Shipley, Alyssa Gasior, and Katherine Long

Boys' Lacrosse
Red Raider Award: William Jones
Coaches Award: Vincent Colalillo

Girls' Lacrosse
Red Raider Award: Katherine Long
Promising Future Award: Stephanie Balerna

A Middle School Graduation ceremony will be held tonight at the Pennington Methodist Church at 7:00 p.m. You may view a live stream of the event by clicking here. Eighth-grade academic awards will be presented at that ceremony.

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