Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Alumnus speaks to Applied Science students

Pennington alumnus Philip Baldoni spoke to Applied Science students on Friday, December 9, about his academic and career path since leaving the School.

Baldoni said that since leaving Pennington, he went to The College of New Jersey where he studied computer engineering. During his time there, he became involved in a handful of activities, but one that he felt had the largest impact was his involvement in undergraduate research.

Working with a faculty member, he has drafted two publications on the topics of fuzzy logic and reasoning, and had the opportunity to present his findings at a conference. Other important academic activities, he said, included his senior project, working as an engineering ambassador, and his independent study in neural networks.

During his summers he held a few internships, but one focus is a company he now owns with the chair of the computer and electrical engineering department at TCNJ. To continue his professional experience since graduating, he now works at NAVAIR as a computer engineer doing software development for visual landing aides for naval aircraft. He said he feels fortunate to have NAVAIR paying for his master's degree at Drexel University, and is currently studying computer science, focusing on artificial intelligence, which is the long term direction of his career path.

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