Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Washington, DC, Alumni Reception

Having a reception in Washington, DC, the week after an inauguration was eye-opening. Old Ebbitt Grill is a popular DC hangout, but more so the week of our alumni event. The restaurant had the Secret Service, and motorcades pulling up, all lending a very exciting atmosphere. It was almost like the time two years ago in California when we were having an alumni gathering at the Beverly Hills Hilton, where Matthew McConaughey was receiving an award--except this time we couldn’t figure out whom the Secret Service were there to protect!

We went downstairs to our private room and greeted our alumni. Many who attended we had not seen in years, and it was wonderful to catch up and talk about their adventures since we last met. Connections were made and new friendships formed. Who would have known that an alumnus in DC would have a connection to the very restaurant in Trenton Jane Childrey had taken a picture of as a reminder to visit, or that we could connect an alumna about to embark to India with an alumnus already there and working for a major corporation. All of these threads make Pennington the family it is, and whether there is a group of four or seventy, new connections form and great things happen.

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