Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



International Student Summit held in Philadelphia

Home to seven million people (including several Pennington students), Africa boasts astounding natural beauty and resources. But competition for these very resources has contributed to the strife that has also plagued the continent, as evidenced by its colonial past and the power struggles of the present. The promise and the perils of charting a course forward for Africa's 54 countries occupies much discussion among the international community.

Global Studies students joined in the conversation at the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia's 2018 International Student Summit, "Rising Africa: A Path to a Sustainable, Egalitarian Future." The Summit is an annual simulation of high-level diplomatic talks, and for this year's theme, Pennington students represented member nations of the African Union as they devised plans for peaceful and sustainable development across the continent.

Pennington students examined the histories of their assigned countries as well as briefing papers exploring development through a range of perspectives — such as economic growth, opportunities for women and children, infrastructure, and security. At the Summit, they joined high school students from schools around the region to discuss, debate, and vote on recommendations.