Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Rebecca Rescate delivers Applied Science presentation

The Pennington School welcomed entrepreneur Rebecca Rescate on Tuesday, February 27, as a part of the Applied Science Speaker Program. Rescate delivered a presentation that followed her story as an entrepreneur, from an idea, to a design, to a pitch on ABC's Shark Tank, to market.

Rescate has launched several businesses and brands over a decade. She shared how she came up with the idea of CitiKitty, a training system that trains a cat to use the toilet, and how she pitched the idea on ABC's Shark Tank. After appearing on Shark Tank, CitiKitty shot up and became a #1 seller on in the Home & Garden section, a slot usually held by Fortune 500 manufacturers. Following CitiKitty, she designed another problem-solving product, Hoddie Pillow, which she also pitched on Shark Tank.

Rescate also joined the Pennington community as a member of the Girls in STEM dinner, hosted in the Silva Gallery, later that evening.