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Student delivers TED youth talk

Sindhu Yaramosu, a ninth-grader from The Pennington School, participated in a TEDxYouth@Newtown event that sparked visionary discussion at the Yardley Community Center.

Sindhu's topic: "How small things can make a big impact!" She spoke about Slime to Algae to Cancer to Deer: How connected we all are!

At this event, the students participated in a TedX conversation about the future. They presented ideas, shared their vision and goals and explained how science and technology will have a significant impact on the next generation.

The talks covered topics including space exploration, building with smart materials, climate change and sustainability, and research to cure cancer, to name just a few.

The inaugural TEDxYouth@Newtown event was hosted at the historic Yardley Community Center on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018. The all youth-organized event was a sellout and attracted students and adults across the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas.

The event was attended by State Representative Perry Warren, who was happy to see young students participating in challenging conversations about the future and presenting their ideas. A monologue performance by Lexi Harman of The Pennsbury School and a piano performance by Sindhu Yaramosu of The Pennington School were additional highlights to this event.

This is the link to Sindhu's TedxYouth video:

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