Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Junior earns delegation award at student summit

Two Pennington students, both juniors in the School's Global Studies Certificate Program, fared well at the World Affairs Council's International Student Summit on December 13. Megan Eckerson '19 was a spokesperson for her delegation; Julia Wakin '19 was part of the group representing Russia, which won the "best delegation" award.

The 2017 International Student Summit, hosted by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, welcomed high-school students to a daylong simulation of an emergency NATO summit. The simulation asked the students to focus on a developing crisis in the Baltic region—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania—resulting from increased Russian aggression, similar to its actions in Ukraine in 2014. The premise was that Russia had been increasing its military concentrations along NATO's border, while intelligence had implicated it in several cyber attacks. Each student served as a delegate of a country involved in the summit, as the group tried to reach an agreement on a response to Russia's actions and then held diplomatic talks with the Russian representative.