Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Students featured in art exhibition

Several student artists were featured over the weekend at the 2018 Phillips' Mill Youth Art Exhibition in New Hope, Pa. According to the Phillips' Mill website, the Youth Art Exhibition was conceived when Phillips' Mill decided to build on the success of its well respected adult Art Exhibition, which began in 1929.

Students who represented The Pennington School at the show include:

Hongyu Lou '19: Second prize for photography, Alps
Ada Lau '19: Second prize for painting, The Big Apple
Heather Holley '19: Ceramicist, Twist With Winter Green
Max Pinado '18: Ceramicist, Blue on White
Laura Alaez '19: Photography, Portrait With Flowers
Emily Clark '19: Photography, Italy
Steven Tian '19: The Subway
Sarah Donato '19: Amira

More information on the art exhibition can be found by clicking here.