Grades 6-12; Boarding 8-12


MS Smile Squad Hosts Scavenger Hunt

Team “Royal Blue” emerged victorious at Friday’s Smile Squad Scavenger Hunt for the Middle School. Under the guidance of their Junior Proctors, the teams raced across campus, guided by an assortment of clues and riddles hidden within some playful rhymes. According to Smile Squad advisor Jessie Shaffer, the MS club enjoys spreading kindness throughout the Pennington School community, and as April is National Poetry Month, the squad chose poetry as the central theme of their scavenger hunt. 

Each group needed to navigate their way through seven different stations, and at each they were asked to perform various tasks such as dancing, creating cheers, applying tattoos, and crafting an original poem in honor of another team. Every station also yielded a letter clue, which the teams then had to unscramble to discover the final destination: the turf field. 

Eighth-grader Sophia D. was the main scribe for team Royal Blue. The poem, which needed to be dedicated to team “Light Blue,” drew inspiration from that color, with imagery of the sky, cotton candy, and blue raspberry. Junior Proctor leaders for team “Royal Blue,” Megan B. ’25 and Declan K. ’25 congratulated the group, which had not previously won a Smile Squad activity challenge this year.

After all the groups trickled onto the turf, the Middle Schoolers and Junior Proctors assembled into one large circle on the field and took turns reading their original poem dedications. Led by JPs Ava B. ’25 and Dustin L. ’25, team Pink’s ode to team Yellow was a collective writing effort. The encouraging verse, which began with “Yellow, yellow, you’re so awesome,” and concluded with “Shining bright like a lion,” was met with smiles and cheers as it was read aloud. The event concluded with celebratory ice pops for all.