Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12


Pennington teams end year as co-champions of American Computer Science League competition

Both of Pennington’s teams in the American Computer Science League (ACSL) ended their yearlong competitions as co-champions with perfect team scores! The senior division team, composed of our more experienced students, finished a top school out of more than 100 international competitors. The intermediate team, for students newer to software engineering, also finished as co-champions of their division of over 100 international schools. The ACSL contest challenges high school students to write software code to solve difficult problems as well as demonstrate knowledge of advanced computer science concepts. 

Fifteen students had individual scores that qualified them for the ACSL individual finals: seniors Gordon Grandbouche, Gloria Liu, Wolfie Meinhart, and Frani Pendus; juniors Ishan Gupta, Polaris Hayes, Sammy Lambdin, Caleb Li, Lucy Li, Shinyi Li, Nana Miller, Teddy Molner, Dhruv Ramaswamy, and Cici Yu; and sophomore Siyi Yang. In the ACSL it is almost unheard of for a school of Pennington’s relatively small size to have such a large contingent qualify for the finals.

Pennington is thrilled to have a vibrant Computer Science and Engineering department! Next year there will be over ninety students taking electives in the subject area. Congratulations to each of the competitors in this year’s ACSL contest on their accomplishments!