Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12

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Forever Pennington Campus

Old Main Plaza

Plans to restore the welcoming entryway and front porch of Old Main, originally built in 1900, will create an inviting front yard with a more prominent physical presence for the School (see rendering below). Enhancing the campus perimeter will define the current campus, enhance privacy for our residential students and faculty, reflect Pennington pride, and create a sense of arrival. New entrance gates, campus exit areas, and perimeter landscaping are all components of this landscape master plan. 

Old Main Rendering

Fitness and Well-Being Center: Small Gym Renovation

Renovation of the existing small gym will provide an accessible, state-of-the-art fitness and well-being facility for all students and faculty. Imagined as a translucent, open, and welcoming space, the Fitness and Well-Being Center will be a highly visible “front door” to Pennington School athletics from the main campus (see rendering below).

Fitness Center Rendering

O’Hanlon Green Expansion

These new plans include removing the driveway from the current main entrance and expanding O’Hanlon Green into a pedestrian-friendly, natural center of campus that further builds community and promotes student interaction.

Ohanlon Green Rendering

Makerspace and the Center for Teaching Excellence

The current makerspace, located on the second floor of Stainton Hall, which includes a science lab, wood shop, engineering and computer lab, robotics club, and art room, allows students to invent, design, and build. By expanding onto the roof above the Lecture Center, the new space will include a significantly enlarged makerspace classroom and a Center for Teaching Excellence (see renderings below). 

Makers Space Rendering

(new makerspace classroom rendering)

Makers Space Rendering2

(new Center for Teaching Excellence rendering)

Residential Housing: Old Main 

The boarding program is an essential element of Pennington’s character, and Old Main accommodates over half of our boarding students and twelve faculty apartments. These spaces are some of the areas most in need of renovation on campus. Refurbished living spaces in Old Main, like the one shown in the rendering below, allow Pennington to attract and retain the best faculty and boarding students (see renderings below).

Residential Rendering1

(renovated Old Main faculty apartment rendering)

(renovated Old Main student lounge rendering)

Every Gift Counts

The Forever Pennington campaign calls for each member of our community to be as bold as the School’s founders and as generous as those who first believed in and supported their vision. We aim to create an enduring future for Pennington, honoring our core values and bolstering our mission to develop individual excellence in every student.

We invite you to be part of our community of Pennington alumni, parents, and friends who are making a difference as we build the School’s future together. All gifts to The Pennington School, including gifts to the Pennington Fund, are counted toward the campaign.  The time is now…FOREVER PENNINGTON.

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