Day and Boarding; Grades 6-12



Steve and Beena Levy P'09

A family standing together smilingSteve and Beena Levy P’09 have been dedicated volunteers and donors to The Pennington School for many years. This year, Steve and Beena Levy decided to make a planned gift to Pennington, thereby investing in the School’s future. Their reason? Quite simply, they wanted to give another student and family the opportunities that Pennington had given to their son, Jacob. Steve says, “We are so grateful for Pennington’s open arms, and we want to extend that support to another young person trying to find his or her way.”

In May, Jacob Levy ’09 was on campus to celebrate Alumni Weekend. When asked to sum up his feelings for his alma mater, he smiled and said, “Pennington is home.” At Pennington, he was a student in the Center for Learning and found that he was given strategies that enabled him to excel academically and to grow as a person, without any barriers between the Center for Learning and the rest of the School. He took opportunities to travel and became a campus leader, filming a documentary about the Holocaust and bringing a new Holocaust Remembrance Night program to Pennington that has continued long after he graduated in 2009.

Pennington offers an environment that is safe for learning, which let Jacob build his self-confidence. Steve noted, “Jacob was stuck in the well and Pennington gave him the ladder and taught him how to climb out.”